A Lone Star to North Star Rescue Journey: Russie

Russie is a 16-year-old Pomeranian mix that is all fluff and no fuss. Russie found herself alone in a Texas shelter after her owner passed away this March 2020. Despite how *adorable* Russie is, she has a long list of medical concerns that landed her on the euthanasia list.

You all know that’s not our style.

Our Lone Star to North Star Rescue Relief team immediately tagged this pup to hitch a ride on a bus to Minnesota because all dogs deserve a chance at a loving home. As long as Russie’s quality of life remains intact, she will live in peace and get the care she needs in her fospice (foster hospice) home.

Russie wasn’t doing too hot when she first arrived. Russie tucked her tail, barely ate, and had horrific coughing fits. Our vetting team went to work and got her on a proper medication regimen for severe dental disease and a possible mass near her trachea.

Now she’s a different dog!

Russie getting a ride in a backpack
Russie licking her lips
Russie enjoying a pup cup

It turns out that Russie has quite the spunky personality and can even zip around the house like a 10-year-old pup. Her foster shares, “We have really loved having Russie! She is our first hospice foster, and we were a bit nervous in the beginning about this since her health issues seemed significant. However, we knew we were the right fit for her and could offer a final loving home.”

Russie is deaf and is catching on quickly to the sign language her foster family is teaching her. She loves being in the sun, going for car rides, and joining the family on long walks while she sits in a K9 backpack on her foster mom’s back. She’s even earned a few nicknames, including Russet Potato, Tater Tot, and Russie Wussie.

There are unknowns of how long a fospice pet will stay with us, but Russie’s foster family feels confident that between the safe/calm environment and medications they give her, she’ll be with us for quite a while. When you see Russie play with a toy for the first time in likely years, you can’t help but stop and stare at the joy she is experiencing.

Our foster families always go above and beyond for these animals.

Russie’s foster mom says, “We feel honored that she is with us. She gets stronger and more energetic with each passing day. We’ve bought her a new bed, pet stairs so she can get onto the couch, a doggy car seat so she can sit securely in the car while still looking out the window, and some little toys and treats all her own. She seems to love us as much as we love her!”

We can take on special cases like Russie’s because of your support. To no fault of her own, she ended up in a shelter and scheduled for euthanasia. You made it possible for us to save her, and with your continued support, we are ready to save even more Russies’! If you are able, please consider contributing to this life-saving work.

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