COVID-19 Finds Finicky Cat a Forever Home

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. The world’s most aloof cat with a mind we can never read. Peyton ran out of time at a local shelter during the summer of 2017, so one of our intake volunteers made sure we took her into the rescue. While she certainly is a gorgeous cat, Peyton didn’t care much for us minions-er-humans unless it was in tiny doses.

Unlike most cats in the rescue, Peyton couldn’t find the right home. We tried her out on the adoption floor of a few PetSmart stores, posted her information on social media, and let people check her out at the rescue office in Princeton, MN. Nothing would stick for her.

Peyton enjoyed controlling our rescue laundry room for several months. She’d judge our every move with disappointed stares while playing with the extra toys we gave to her in an attempt to form a friendship. Peyton would ask whatever poor soul that entered the laundry room to scratch behind her ears, only to retract that request with her trademark sassy yowl immediately. She certainly kept us on our toes.

When Minnesota first began to shelter-in-place, rescue leadership made sure no animals were alone in the building in case we needed to shut down completely. A gracious foster took Peyton into her home, only to be terrorized by the feline. It doesn’t take much for Peyton to get stressed out. Thankfully, a promising application made a timely appearance across our application manager’s computer screen.

“Peyton was everything we hoped for in a cat.”

Peyton standing in the doorway
Peyton sunbathing on the couch
Peyton sleeping

Chels and Tony carefully scoured the Ruff Start website looking for a feline to add to their family. They were intrigued by her honest and interesting bio. Ruff Start staff adequately warned the couple of Peyton’s quirks, but that didn’t phase them. They wanted to adopt Peyton (now Ruby) because of the difficult time she’s had finding the right home, plus they loved how she looked.

She did well on the car ride home from the rescue office. And moments after opening her kennel door, you could tell Peyton knew she was home. In only two hours, she jumped up on the bed and sat right in between Chels and Tony.

“We were so surprised!”

“She absolutely loves the open windows she gets to nap and sniff out of. She also got a 6ft tower that she loves keeping us entertained with. Her favorite toy is a little orange feather she tore off from another one of her toys, and the way she carries it around some times is so cute.” Shares Chels.

“She has been a great addition to our quarantine household, and I bet she can’t wait for us to go back to work so she has more alone time. She sleeps with us every night and has just been a very bright light in these dark times.” Remarks Tony.

Stories like these always keep us motivated to achieve our mission of saving at-risk animals. Peyton nor her adopters wouldn’t have experienced this joy of being together without your support. If you have the means, consider contributing to Ruff Start Rescue so we can continue this life-saving work and help more cats like Peyton find their forever families.

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