Adopting Unaltered Animals

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We couldn’t save animals in need without you! Thank you so much for growing your family by adopting an animal.

Effective April 11, 2020, Ruff Start Rescue will allow the adoption of unaltered animals with a spay and neuter contract. Executive Order 20-09 prohibits elective surgeries, including spaying and neutering, for the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue saving animals in need, Ruff Start is adopting out unaltered animals with appropriate stipulations.

The following language may seem a little intimidating, but we have it to ensure that these animals get the proper medical care they deserve. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure this adoption and transition are as successful as possible.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There is an additional contract you will need to sign when completing adoption paperwork. This contract lays out what legal obligations you will have when adopting this animal including: paying an additional $150 deposit and spaying/neutering this animal within 60 days after the order is lifted.
  • Your new pet’s adoption fee has been lowered to offset the deposit cost.
  • Your new pet will still receive additional vetting such as age-appropriate vaccines, microchipping, deworming, heartworm testing (dogs only), and monthly flea/tick preventative (dogs only) as necessary prior to adoption.
  • You will be provided with additional resources for living with an intact animal and a list of our partner vet clinics that can perform your new pet’s spay or neuter procedure at a lower cost once the executive order is lifted.
  • A member from Ruff Start will reach out to you to receive official confirmation that your new pet has been altered within 60-day timeframe. Once that is confirmed, your $150 deposit will be refunded.
  • This animal can’t be adopted into a home with other intact animals.
  • If your new pet were to accidentally become pregnant you must notify Ruff Start as soon as possible. Ruff Start will provide resources you need to care for your pet and their litter, but the litter must be surrendered to Ruff Start once they are ready to be adopted.
  • Ruff Start has an obligation to retrieve this animal and cancel the adoption if you do not spay or neuter them.
  • Additional fees may be applied if the contract is breached.

Exceptions to this contract include:

  • High-risk animals will be FTA (foster-to-adopt) while the Executive Order is in effect. This status will be determined by the animal care team, but will typically include pregnant or likely pregnant dogs.

Whew! Now that we went over what you need to know, please check out the following resources for caring for your new pet. Ruff Start is here for you while you make this exciting transition! Please let us know at any time what additional questions you may have or resources you may need. Thank you for adopting a rescue animal!

Resources for fosters and adopters:


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