Four Years in Rescue: A Pup’s Patient Journey to Finding Her Forever Home

During the spring of 2016, Zeena roamed the city streets of Minnesota. The temperamental spring weather beat down on her as she maneuvered around moving cars looking for scraps of food. No collar claiming ownership draped her skinny neck as her rough paws hit the pavement. We’re not sure how long she was homeless, but it was noticeable that she hadn’t had a family for a long time by the exposure of her ribcage. Thankfully, a Ruff Start Rescuer spotted Zeena and took her in.

Zeena quickly forgave whoever left her on the streets as she showered her new foster with love. It didn’t take her long to recover lost energy either. This girl loves to play! Zeena is smart, curious, and loves life. It surprised us that we couldn’t find the right home for her. We later discovered she had food allergies and incontinence issues. We tried many medications and took her to a specialist, but nothing could prevent the occasional accident she had. Thankfully, Zeena had no problem sporting a diaper when needed.

Thousands of you shared her picture across social media as the years passed to no avail. A generous donor even paid her adoption fee. Then the perfect person *finally* found her amid a global crisis. It’s as if they’ve been looking for each other the entire time.

Zeena and her adopted mom

“I stalked her profile for 4 months and just knew that we would be good for each other.” -Zeena’s adopter

Zeena’s new adopter said, “Zeena is doing quite well. On her first night here, she spent some time exploring the apartment. There were a lot of new sounds and smells! She appeared relaxed for sure. Since she came home with me, we have been taking little walks to the ‘green areas’ near our apartment. We explore a little more each day! It is so wonderful to have Zeena here. She is so sweet. She follows me all over the house and wants to be by my side. We have some great adventures ahead of us! Thank you, to all for all that Ruff Start does!”

Sometimes the amount of patience and hope required to save an animal in need feels like too much. But moments like these are what keep us going. We are so grateful to Zeena’s foster mom for giving her so much love and care over the years. We are also thankful for all of you that shared her story and sent her much-needed supplies. Ruff Start Rescue will continue doing whatever it takes to get outcomes like these for the animals in our care.

Zeena keeping guard outside
Zeena window watching
Zeena playing fetch with a red ball

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