Meet Mr. Murray!

Found as a stray by one of our fosters, Mr. Murray obviously had a pretty rough last few months. When we brought him into rescue, we knew that he had painful wounds on his back and tail – but we didn’t know how bad they were until we could shave him down!

Only a few days after being brought into rescue, Mr. Murray was shaved and put on antibiotics and pain medication. We still aren’t sure how he got such painful wounds – they could be bite wounds from a fight in the wild or ruptured abscesses. Many strays probably have so many stories they could tell us if only we spoke the same language.

Mr. Murray's rough back
Mr. Murray trying to take off cone

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the foster who found him and the quick work of our rescue, Mr. Murray is no longer in pain and is on the mend. Plus, he’s available for adoption just in time for his feature today! Apply to adopt him here:

If you donate today, you are helping animals just like Mr. Murray receive the care they need to start over. Thanks to your generosity, these animals are given the opportunity to heal and find the love and comfort they truly deserve.

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